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Jenny Lowe


"My name is Jenny Lowe. I am the representative for this area. My previous employment has been office based with the Civil Service and within that role I have obtained many skills, such as communication, time management, organisational skills and assertiveness. Despite enjoying my office employment it never fulfilled me or gave me job satisfaction. Working with animals and providing stimulation, reassurance and not forgetting boundaries is the perfect job. Therefore I made the decision to move into animal care incorporating the office skills I have learned along the way.

Having had a wide variety of animals as a child from terrapins and tropical fish to hamsters, cats and dogs, I have learnt from an early age how animals develop and how to provide a high standard of care for them. The experience gained throughout my childhood years provided me with a foundation for the high level training and support that I have received from the GB Pet Sitters Group. Having worked within a pet sitting branch for some time, I have now progressed to managing my own area.

Working with animals is such a rewarding job. There is nothing better than watching a group dog walk and seeing the pure delight on their faces whilst they are at play. Helping dogs overcome socialisation problems and seeing how far they have developed is truly amazing."




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